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Porsche of Halifax

Meet Jeremy Bulmer, Porsche of Halifax Parts Consultant.

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 Meet Jeremy Bulmer, Porsche of Halifax Parts Consultant.

Jeremy moved to the Maritimes from Ontario in 2002. He is a Porsche Brand Ambassador and a WQA certified installer. He has 15 years’ experience working with European brands. If you need help with parts or accessories Jeremy has a plethora of knowledge and is prepared to answer any question you may have.

It's because of our highly trained professionals like Jeremy, and Porsche genuine parts that you should always bring your Porsche to your local Porsche Centre for all your parts and service needs.

In Jeremy’s free time, he’s a musician and an avid science fiction reader. As a musician, he has toured Canada and parts of the United States playing guitar in a band.

His favorite Porsche memory is when he was in Atlanta for training on the new 911’s in March of 2016. Half of the day was spent on the track test driving 911’s and competition vehicles.  At the end of the day the professional driving instructors took them on “Hot Laps” in GT3’s GT3 RS’s and GT4’s. They were passengers and were being shown what the cars are capable of in professional hands. Jeremy’s favorite Porsche is the 911 Targa GTS.

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