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Storing your Porsche

Porsche Winter Storage Checklist

  • Sweep garage floor so it is dust free. If moisture is an issue, place a tarp down to prevent undercarriage rust from forming.
  • Have your Porsche professionally detailed inside and out with several coats of wax to prevent paint corrosion.
  • Clean wheels inside and out so they are dust free. Put a coat of petroleum jelly on wheels to provide a layer of protection, be sure to wash off in spring.
  • Close air vent to keep rodents out, place bars of irish spring soap, mothballs or mint leaves around the vehicle.
  • Use a cup or steel wool to cover your exhaust pipe to further deter rodents from entering the vehicle.
  • Use silica gel packs to prevent moisture build up in vehicle. Products like damprid are effective.
  • Use a conditioning compound on exterior rubber and plastic to prevent cracking.
  • Change engine oil, making sure to drive long enough to reach full operating temperature.
  • Overinflate tires to 50 psi to prevent flat spots.
  • Fill vehicle with fuel to prevent condensation in fuel tank, add a high end fuel stabilizer.
  • Place pieces of Styrofoam or carpet under tires to further prevent flat spots (unheated storage).
  • Only start your vehicle in the spring, do not start your vehicle until it is time to bring it out of storage.
  • Use a high-quality car cover to keep paint safe from dirt and dust.
  • Use a battery maintainer, charging the battery via the cigarette lighter, selecting the pulse mode.
  • Use baking soda in a container or cookie sheet to keep your vehicle smelling fresh.
  • Prop windshield wiper arms on cardboard between glass and wiper.
  • Ensure coolant is 50% and protection to -30 °C.
  • Put your vehicle in gear, making sure to block the wheels.
  • Slightly lower windows to keep pressure off seals and let air flow to prevent condensation.