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Bringing your Classic Porsche out of Storage

1. Schedule a Service Appointment: The first thing you’ll want to do before taking your vehicle out of storage is to schedule a service appointment (902-453-8800). Between your phone call and your appointment.

2. Visual Inspection:  To begin , check underneath your car to make sure no stains or puddles appear on the ground; their presence indicates that, perhaps, your car suffers from a fluid leak. You’ll also want to check the engine bay in order to make sure that no wires have frayed or hoses have cracked. 

3. Battery Check: If your battery has been hooked up to a battery  maintainer, or trickle charger, it, most likely, will not be dead. But you’ll still want to test it to determine how much of a charge it’s holding. Do not attempt to start your vehicle if your battery is only holding a half-charge. If you did not attach your battery to maintainer, then it is most likely dead (since the electronics in your vehicle continue to drain power from your battery even when turned off). Even if you simply disconnected your battery (without using a maintainer), it will probably be close to empty after several months of non-use.

5. Tire Check: We suggested over-inflating your tires when placing your car into winter storage in order to avoid flattening  while your vehicle remains unused. To this extent, you might need to deflate your tires a bit so that they’re inflated to the proper PSI.

6. Fluid Check: While sitting in storage, the fluids in your vehicle can accrue condensed water and other contaminates that negatively affect your car’s internal systems. these will be checked and topped up at your service appointment.

7. Light Check: You will  want to inspect your vehicle’s lights. Turn on your car and, with an assistant, ensure that the headlights, fog lights, brake lights, and turn signals are all working properly. 

8. Air Out Vehicle: You will want to air out your vehicle. If it’s been covered up and closed for the past four months or so, there’s a chance it might smell a bit musty. Cracking the windows will allow for adequate ventilation, allowing fresh air to circulate throughout the cabin

Date Posted: March 12, 2019