The Porsche of Halifax Team

Robert G. Steele | Dealer Principal

Steve Amand

Steve Amand | General Manager

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Mary Jane DeNicola

Mary Jane DeNicola | Controller

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Lacey Bennett

Lacey Bennett | Receptionist

Hailing from Port-aux-Basques Newfoundland, Lacey has been in the automotive industry for only two years. With a background in customer service and administration after attending Cape Breton University studying Tourism, she began working as the receptionist for Porsche of Halifax in 2015 after spending eight years in hotel management.

Lacey loves learning new things about Porsche and the automotive industry. Her favourite Porsche memory was being a passenger on the track with a former winner of the legendary 12 hours of Sebring race. Lacey’s favourite Porsche is the 911 Targa 4S.

As a self-proclaimed foodie, in her spare time, Lacey enjoys trying new cuisine and restaurants. She also enjoys a good book and horror movies.

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Brad Sellars

Brad Sellars | Porsche Certified Sales Manager

Brad has over 23 years in the automotive business and 11 of them are with Porsche. He started as a Technician and then progressed into different Parts and Service roles throughout the years. Now you’ll find him in sales. Brad is a graduate of the NSCC Automotive program and is currently enrolled in the Automotive Business School of Canada program. He is the third generation in his family that has worked in the Automotive Business. He is a licensed technician and has factory training with Porsche as well as other European brands.

Brad grew up racing cars and began restoring them as a teenager. He began Road Racing locally and has raced at tracks in the USA. Brad’s other involvement at the tack is being a Certified Performance Driving Instructor with a number of clubs including the Porsche Club of America. He enjoys track days with his Cayman S and always has a project on the go in the garage or yard.

After Seeing a 2001 911 Turbo on the track at the Atlantic Motorsports Park for the first time, and the day Steele Auto Group announced it was opening a Porsche dealership, Brad knew that was where he wanted to be. He was a member of the team when the store opened in late 2005. Brad’s favorite Porsche is the 2011 911 GT3 RS 4.0 because it feels like the closest form of a 911 true Porsche Cup racing car, and is an amazing car to get behind the wheel of.

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Damian  McManus

Damian McManus | Porsche Certified Sales Executive & Brand Ambassador

Damian has over 30 years experience in the automotive business, with almost 20 of those years being in retail sales. In 2012 Damian was ecstatic to become a part of the Porsche of Halifax team. He is a certified Porsche Brand Ambassador.

When Damian is not at work you’ll find him spending time with his wife and son. He enjoys watching his son play hockey as well as watching motor-sports. Damian fell in love with Porsche at a young age. His absolute favorite Porsche is any of the 911 models. He will never forget driving a 918 Spyder; which was the most exhilarating drive he’s ever had.

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Tony O'Connell

Tony O'Connell | Porsche Certified Sales Executive & Brand Ambassador

Tony has over 40 years of sales and service experience in the automotive business. He is a City & Guilds fully qualified technician and a member of the Institute of the Motor Industry. Interesting fact, Tony is a ex-professional racing driver and a qualified race instructor. He is the lap record holder at Brands Hatch for Alfa Romeo Production Saloons up to 1600cc! When Tony’s not working you’ll find him enjoying motor-sports or playing a round of golf. One of his first Porsche memories is being pinned in his seat by a 911 Turbo upon acceleration. His favorite Porsche is a 917 Short Tail in Gulf Livery.

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Trudy Stevenson

Trudy Stevenson | Porsche Certified Sales Executive & Brand Ambassador

Trudy has 30 plus years in the automotive business as a technician, service manager and in sales. She has been with Porsche of Halifax since opening in 2005. She is a Porsche Globally Certified Brand Ambassador and has numerous training course over the years with many European manufacturers. Trudy is a certified high performance driving instructor and teaches for various clubs, including Porsche Club of America.

Outside of work you’ll find Trudy spending time with her grandchildren, attending days at the track and gardening. Her favorite Porsche memory is being sideways through turn 2 at Atlantic Motorsport Park in a Whale Tail 930 Turbo. Trudy’s favorite Porsche is the Cayman GT4.

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Diana Toulany

Diana Toulany | Financial Services Manager

Diana started in the automotive industry 4 years ago. After a career in the financial sector she moved into the Auto Industry to focus on something that she was more passionate about. After graduating from Saint Mary’s University, she spent some time in Europe and the Middle East traveling and studying abroad. Although she has worked in both the financial and customer service sectors throughout her career it was her time working in her family’s business that taught her the importance of customer service and loyalty.

As a car enthusiast, working for Porsche of Halifax as a Financial Sales Manager Diana has been able to pursue this passion. Diana has won multiple challenges taking her on exciting driving experiences with Porsche Canada. Her passion was never more evident than when she had the opportunity to get behind the wheel of a Porsche 911 at Barber Motorsports Park and feel the breath taking moment when fear meets adrenaline and finally understanding what the true Porsche passion really is.

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M. Kate Johnston

M. Kate Johnston | Financial Services Manager

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Craig Higgins

Craig Higgins | Service Manager

Craig has been in the automotive business for 24 years. He is a graduate from the Automotive Mechanical program at NSCC Akerley Campus. Some of his hobbies include classic cars and camping. His first Porsche memory was his first track experience back in 2012. His favorite Porsche is the 911 GT3 RS.

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Pat Baker

Pat Baker | Parts Manager

Pat has 30 years experience in the automotive business. He has a many courses with a number of European manufacturers. Pat has worked his entire career in the parts department. When Pat is not working you will find him watching one of many different sports or jumping in the car with his wife to head out on a day trip. His first Porsche memory is getting to drive a Porsche 911 on the track. Pat prefers the classic air cooked 911s from the 70s and 80s, as they were truly a raw sports car and were all about the driving experience.

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Jeremy Bulmer

Jeremy Bulmer | Parts Consultant

Jeremy has 15 years experience in the automotive industry. He is a Porsche Brand Ambassador and a WQA certified installer. His 15 years experience has all been with European brands.

In Jeremy’s free time he is a musician and avid science fiction reader. His favorite Porsche memory is when he was in Atlanta for training on the new 911’s in March of 2016. Half of the day was spent on the track test driving 911’s and competition vehicles.  At the end of the day the professional driving instructors took them on “Hot Laps” in GT3’s GT3 RS’s and GT4’s. They were passengers and were being shown what the cars are capable of in professional hands. Jeremy’s favorite Porsche is the 911 Targa GTS.

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Jeff Fong

Jeff Fong | Technician

Sean Coyle

Sean Coyle | Technician